GOP candidates exclude Fox from list of debate demands

A Republican presidential primary debate to be hosted by Fox Business next week will not be subject to a new list of debate demands written by several GOP candidates and the Republican National Committee over the weekend, according to a new report.

The reason for excluding the Fox debate from any format alteration requests, the Washington Post reported Sunday, citing an anonymous source who was present for the discussion, is because "people are afraid to make Roger [Ailes] mad." Ailes is the CEO of Fox and a former GOP strategist.

The Republican campaigns met after several of the candidates and the RNC were highly critical of the format of last week's debate hosted by CNBC. The candidates, including Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, complained that the moderators were overtly hostile in their questioning and did not provide equal time for all of the contenders on stage.

Among the things the candidates agreed to ask for at the rest of the debates after Fox's are opening and closing statements of at least 30 seconds and equal number of questions per candidate.

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