Christie: Obama 'does not support law enforcement'

Presidential candidate Chris Christie charged Monday that President Obama doesn't support law enforcement, which is making it harder for cops around the country to do their jobs and putting them at greater risk of violence.

"We have liberal policies that tie the hands behind the backs of police officers, and then, when incidents happen, accuse them of misconduct first and then do the investigation later," he said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Monday morning.

"And you've got a president of the United States who does not support law enforcement, he simply doesn't," he said.

Christie said the recent public spat between Obama and FBI Director James Comey shows that law enforcement officials are recognizing the effects of Obama's refusal to stand up for cops. Last week, Comey said there's a "chill wind" blowing through U.S. law enforcement, and suggested this is leading to a surge in crime.

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