Pot policies of 2016 candidates rolled up into one scorecard

A little hazy on where the presidential candidates stand on recreational use of marijuana? There is a scorecard for that.

Last week, the anti-pot legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana gave a grade to each of the major players in the 2016 field regarding their stand on policies against the legalization of cannabis. Fifteen Republicans and three Democrats were examined.

"It's important that the American people understand where the candidates stand on issues related to marijuana," said Kevin Sabet, president of SAM. "Unlike in 2012, there are critical issues that candidates need to be aware of, not the least of which is the creation of a new, massive Big Marijuana industry that is taking pages right out of Big Tobacco's playbook. Our scorecard will keep the candidates accountable."

The report evaluated the candidates on where they stand on three criteria:

  1. "Opposition to marijuana legalization for recreational purposes."
  2. "Support of prevention, intervention, and treatment for marijuana use."
  3. "Regulated, FDA-approved approach to legitimate medical use of marijuana components."

Leading the pack are Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Chris Christie and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, all Republicans and each receiving an "A" rating. All three candidates oppose legalizing recreational pot and are in favor of limited medical marijuana use.

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