Jindal rages against the GOP

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has failed to make the primetime stage at any of the first three GOP presidential debates. The governor appeared to let his pent-up rage spill over at the Iowa Growth and Opportunity forum in Des Moines on Saturday.

"Im actually angrier with the Republicans in D.C. than the Democrats," Jindal told the crowd. "This year they've already waved the white flag of surrender, they've already said they can't defund Planned Parenthood. Folks, if the Republican Party can't stand up and protect innocent human life, what good is the Republican Party?"

The governor also appeared to express a vote of no confidence in Congress' new Republican leadership, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Freedom Caucus members who supported his bid.

"It is time to fire everybody in D.C.," Jindal said. "It is time to get rid of this surrender caucus. I was in D.C. when Boehner stepped down, they asked me what I thought I said, 'Great, if Mitch McConnell's not willing to fight for us he needs to follow Boehner's lead and step down as well.' Their slogan is 'we can't.' Their slogan needs to be 'we can, we will, we must.'"

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