Can colleges adjudicate gun crimes as they would campus sexual assault?


In a statement that is truly baffling and frightening, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., implied that colleges and universities can adjudicate gun crimes just as they adjudicate campus sexual assault.

Speaking on an Oct. 29 press call regarding national fraternity and sorority groups' support of a bill that would put sexual assault crimes back in the hands of law enforcement, McCaskill implied that the groups were singling out sex assault.

"Keep in mind, they have only carved out this exception for sexual assault – not any of the other violent crimes," McCaskill said, according to a transcription by the Huffington Post. "So a young woman could be robbed at gunpoint, decide she wanted to just try to get that person off campus and go to their university ... but if she was raped, she would not be able to do that unless she went to the police."

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