Blumenthal: Hillary is great, GOP in trouble in 2010

Even after Barack Obama won the Democratic primaries, was elected president and appointed Hillary Clinton secretary of state, her friends kept thinking of ways to compete with him.

"In case your daily briefing doesn't include it, Bill Schneider tells me that the CNN poll shows you at 71 percent favorability, seven points above Obama at 64 (higher than any recent president at this point)," Sidney Blumenthal advised Clinton over email. "You are credited by Americans as the one above all who represents the US in the world."

That's a big deal, Blumenthal added. "Obama is now seen as a more political, contentious, partisan figure. Your rating is much higher among Republicans than his," he wrote. "You've achieved supra-political status, not anti-political or apolitical (they know who you are), but supra."

Blumenthal's political prognosticiation didn't stop there. "Furthermore, recent polls show that the Democrats are likely to pick up three Senate seats in 2010," he wrote. "Bunning, Burr and Spector.(sic)."

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