Rubio: CNBC used debate to 'show off' to their buddies

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is not letting CNBC moderators off the hook for their "gotcha" questions and antagonistic behavior during Wednesday's third Republican debate in Boulder, Colo.

Rubio, who slammed CNBC anchor John Harwood during the debate for misrepresenting the effects of his tax plan, told Fox News Thursday morning that CNBC's attempt to "show off" during the debate backfired.

"I don't think it was atypical from what you see from most people in the mainstream media, which is, privately they think they're smarter than the people running and they can't wait for their chance to show off in front of their buddies," Rubio said. "And publicly, they're asking some questions they think is going to embarrass us Republicans."

"We were ready to talk about trade policies, the debt and tax policies, and then we got questions like everybody saw, which were clearly designed to get us to fight each other or to say something embarrassing about each other and then get us to react," he added.

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