Chinese malware active in American systems

Chinese malware is active in the systems of U.S. companies, according to a cybersecurity firm, but it isn't clear whether that malware is actively stealing intellectual property.

"We're seeing activity from a wide range of advanced persistent threat groups," Laura Galante, director of threat intelligence for cybersecurity firm FireEye, told the Washington Examiner. "But the difference between qualifying whether that's economic espionage or just malware actively communicating with victims is two very different things."

China committed not to engage in state-sponsored commercial espionage as part of a Sept. 25 agreement with the United States. However, some officials have expressed skepticism that China would uphold its end of the agreement.

"Are we seeing a breach of the agreement? It's way too early to tell. It took us months, and it will take everyone months to figure out the broader pieces of activity that are happening," Galante added. "In all reality, it's dependent on a combination of visibility and volume of activity that we see. So give it at least another four to five months before we have any handle on what we're seeing."

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