China legalizes siblings

The People's Republic of China has announced that it will abandon its controversial one-child policy.

The policy was established 35 years ago on the Malthusian fear that more than one child per family would leave the country unable to feed itself. There were plenty of exceptions to the law based on geography, ethnicity, disability and other factors. Government officials and other well-connected Chinese often flouted the policy. But for the vast majority of citizens, breaking the law brought heavy fines, job loss or imprisonment. Many women underwent forced abortions and sterilizations.

The one-child policy has had brutal demographic consequences for a nation that prizes boys above girls. It's led to hundreds of millions of abortions, mostly of girls. According to a 2015 study, men now outnumber women by 33 million in China. The policy has also created a demographic imbalance in which there are relatively few workers to pay and care for an aging population.

This policy change doesn't mean China has somehow seen the error of its barbaric ways. China's cruel experiment in mass population control continues. Only now Chinese couples will be allowed to have no more than two children.

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