Who got the most airtime at the GOP debate?

The third Republican presidential primary debate is in the books. Let's take a look at who got the most speaking time:

For the first time in a GOP debate this cycle, Donald Trump did not dominate in terms of speaking time. Carly Fiorina spoke for the longest, getting almost 13 percent of the speaking time. Trump, along with Marco Rubio, got only 11 percent of the speaking time, the least he's gotten so far. Rand Paul spoke the least at the debate, with under 8 percent of the speaking time. At the last debate, Scott Walker spoke the least, and he dropped out less than a week later.

The average speaking time among the candidates was eight minutes and 20 seconds. Fiorina, John Kasich, Trump and Rubio all spoke for more than their fair share of time, if you believe each candidate should have had equal time.

On the other hand, if you think higher-polling candidates should have gotten more speaking time, Donald Trump didn't speak enough, nor did Ben Carson. For example, Carson averages 20 percent in the polls used for the debate, but he only got 9 percent of the speaking time.

Every other candidate's portion of speaking time was larger than his or her share of support. Fiorina had 13 percent of the speaking time, but she receives only 8 percent support in the polls. John Kasich had the largest gap between his poll numbers and how much speaking time he got.

In the early debate, Bobby Jindal was the only candidate who spoke for more than 10 minutes. He received almost 28 percent of the speaking time, just above his fair share of 25 percent.

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