Media blame GamerGate for SXSW panel cancellations (Part 2)

em>This is part 2 of a story about South by Southwest's cancellation of two gaming panels. To read part 1, click here.

While most of the mainstream technology media insist that the online movement known as GamerGate is a harassment movement, that same media ignores the actions and accusations of those claiming to oppose such harassment.

Following the cancellation of the two South by Southwest panels, those who oppose GamerGate (and who refuse to address the claims of media bias or unethical media practices) began making accusations.

Game developer Brianna Wu claimed in a tweet that, as she understood it, the "Open Gaming Alliance" (she probably meant the "Open Gaming Society") had been suspended from Twitter "for harassing me and others." She also claimed "It was openly planned" on Kotaku in Action, a Reddit forum (subreddit) dedicated to discussions of GamerGate's portrayal in the media and ethical lapses in games media.

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