McCain: America deserves specifics from Trump

Donald Trump has been short on specifics for much of his campaign, and John McCain believes that needs to end, starting tonight.

During an interview with Fox News hours before the third GOP debate, McCain argued that the GOP primary voters "deserve to know" specifics on how Trump plans to go about making some of his grandiose promises happen, such as the removal of millions of illegal immigrants.

"When someone says they're going to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it, and deport 11 million people — including children who were born here, the American people deserve to know how that's going to happen," McCain told Neil Cavuto.

"When a presidential candidate says, 'Well we could have gotten [Osama] bin Laden back if we'd have just declared energy independence,'" McCain said, pointing to comments from Ben Carson. "When a candidate for the the president of the United States says, 'Well, lets let ISIS and Syria fight it out and we'll take their oil.' I think the American people deserve some description as to exactly how you do that, rather than just say 'that's going to happen."

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