Democrats use Kasich's rant as fundraising tool

It appears that the Democratic National Committee thinks Ohio Gov. John Kasich would make an excellent fundraiser for the liberal cause.

The DNC has begun using the governor's rant against his fellow GOP presidential candidates as a tool to raise money in a fundraising pitch. During a send-off rally in Ohio on Tuesday, Kasich lambasted the Republican field for how "crazy this election is." He bemoaned Donald Trump's immigration reform proposals, Ben Carson's ideas on tax policy, and the state of the "conservative movement" today.

The Democrats pasted excerpts of Kasich's tirade against the Republican candidates, including his subtle shots at front-runners Trump and Carson.

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After including Kasich's words, the DNC noted, "Every word in the first five paragraphs of this email was from Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich — who, incidentally, also wants to gut Medicaid, cut retirement benefits for seniors, slash taxes for the wealthy while increasing the deficit, and repeal Obamacare. We need your help to make sure that none of these Republicans becomes our next president."

Kasich, who ranks eighth in the Washington Examiner's most recent power rankings, will appear onstage at tonight's primetime GOP presidential debate. He trails nine other Republican candidates in RealClearPolitics' average of national polls.

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