Watch: Graham slams 'half-assed' strategy in Syria

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., lashed out at Defense Secretary Ash Carter Tuesday morning during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing over the U.S. strategy against Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

"Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are gonna fight for their guy, and we're not gonna do a damn thing to help the people who want to change Syria for the better by getting rid of the dictator in Damascus," Graham said.

He then repeatedly asked Carter, then repeatedly interrupted him, on the question of whether there's a military component to the anti-Assad strategy.

"If I'm Assad, this is a good day for me," Graham said. "Because the American government has just said, without saying it, that they're not going to fight to replace me. So you tell me what kind of deal we're gonna get, folks. I'm sure we'll get a really good deal with this construct. So what you've done gentlemen, along with the president, is you've turned Syria over to Russia and Iran. You've told the people in Syria, who've died by the hundreds of thousands, 'we're more worried about a political settlement than we are about what follows.' All I can say is, this is a sad day for America and the region will pay hell for this, because the Arabs are not gonna accept this. The people in Syria are not gonna accept this. This is a half-assed strategy at best."

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