Twitter campaign wants 'SNL' to cancel Trump

A campaign aimed at urging NBC to cancel Donald Trump's "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig started trending on Twitter Tuesday.

The campaign, which employs the hashtag #RacismIsntFunny, is trying to stop Trump's scheduled "SNL" appearance on Nov. 7 via social media and multiple online petitions.

According to the #RacismIsntFunny website, over 362,000 people have signed anti-Trump petitions on forums like America's Voice, Change.org and MoveOn.org, as well as petitions back by Latino advocacy groups like the National Council of La Raza, Latino Victory Project and Voto Latino Action Fund.

"The #RacismIsntFunny campaign was started by a coalition of immigrant rights organizations and their allies concerned with 'Saturday Night Live's' role in mainstreaming anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rehtoric," the website's mission statement reads. "We are calling on 'SNL' to dump Donald Trump and keep him from hosting the show on Nov 7."

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