Hillary Jokes About Benghazi Select Committee With Colbert

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night and joked about her time before the Benghazi Select Committee, as well as the HBO TV series “House of Cards.”

Colbert wished Clinton a happy birthday, which was Monday, and asked if she had done “anything special like a have a celebration for 11 hours?”

Clinton laughed and told Colbert she had slept late and had “tried to get away with as little as I could get away with.” The audience, however, did not pick up on the humor, that she had re-watched all 11 hours of the Benghazi hearing.

Additionally, Clinton said “Bill and I watched bad TV, a little binge watching here and there.”

She said they “finally finished” “House of Cards” and that “it took a little time.”

Colbert asked her if she ever watched HOC and “yawns” probably because she’s seen it all.

She jested, “Another murder, really.”