Trump: Jeb ran to mom and dad for 'counsel'

Donald Trump on Monday mocked former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for having to consult his parents over the weekend about his floundering presidential run.

"Bush is out there, his campaign is a disaster," Trump told a morning crowd in Atkinson, N.H. "That's because I came along! I'm proud of it."

Trump also hit Bush for cutting the salaries of his campaign staff. "So he's meeting now with mom and dad," he said. "No it's true, he needs counsel."

"He was very angry over the week. He said, 'if this is going to be this nasty, let them have Trump as their president!'" Trump said. "But if he doesn't like my tone, how's he going to deal with Putin? How's he going to deal with these killers in the Middle East?"

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