Rand Paul on why not to vote for 'narcissist' Trump

Sen. Rand Paul warned Monday that voters should avoid front-runner Donald Trump, because Trump's know-it-all approach to government would only put more power in the hands of the huge federal bureaucracy that needs to be reduced.

The Kentucky senator was on the Glenn Beck radio show Monday when he said, "The reason why I think ... it would be a mistake to sort of elect or moderate someone who believes in their all-powerful, all-knowing sort of narcissism, is that ..."

"Are you calling Donald Trump a narcissist?" Beck interrupted.

"Yeah, I know it's a stretch," Paul said. "I know it's an understatement."

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"What worries me about it from a point of view of liberty is that when someone says they're all-knowing and that they are so smart ... and can figure things out, it sounds like they want you to give them more power," Paul said. "And the biggest problem I see in our country is we've given too much power to the presidency."

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