Rand Paul says the democraticsocialism advocated by Bernie Sanders could lead to a governmentthat will “exterminate†people whodo not follow the state’s directive.

Appearing on “TheGlenn Beck Program†Monday, Paul argued that socialismis the “most anti-choice economicsystem.†(RELATED: Sanders: ‘No’I’m Not A Capitalist,‘I’m a DemocraticSocialist’)

“If you don’t pay thefine, they imprison you,†argued Paul.“If you will not listen, ultimately, what hashappened in history, people get mad when I say this, but theyexterminate you. That’s what happened underStalin.â€

Paul said there is“nothing sexy†about socialism. Paulargued that none of our rights should be“subject to a majority†becauserights come from your creator and no majority should be able totake them away from you.

LISTEN (Starts at5:51):

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