NY Times' settled science: More concealed carry = more deaths


The push for a greater number of concealed carry gun permits will lead to more "naïve" Americans bumbling around in public venues with loaded weapons and shooting each other, the New York Times editorial board argued Monday.

The Times editorial is based on admittedly inconclusive data compiled by the Violence Policy Center, an anti-gun group.

"The more that sensational gun violence afflicts the nation, the more that the myth of the vigilant citizen packing a legally permitted concealed weapon, fully prepared to stop the next mass shooter in his tracks, is promoted," the editorial board argued.

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"This foolhardy notion of quick-draw resistance, however, is dramatically contradicted by a research project showing that, since 2007, at least 763 people have been killed in 579 shootings that did not involve self-defense," they added. "Tellingly, the vast majority of these concealed-carry, licensed shooters killed themselves or others rather than taking down a perpetrator."

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