Kasich: Trump 'falsely' taking credit for bringing jobs back to U.S.

Donald Trump believes his voice caused Ford Motors to move its work from Mexico back to the United States. But both Ford Motors and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have pushed back against the veracity of that claim.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump took to Twitter spread a rumor that Ford chose the U.S. over Mexico because of the reality star's "constant badgering."

Trump's assertion appears based on a blog post by Dmitri Voltova, a proud "voice from the former communist empires" of the former Soviet Union, who declared Trump triumphant over Ford. Voltova's story involves Ford's decision to move its work from Mexico to Ohio.

Ford and Kasich took exception with Trump's claim and responded quickly. Ford released the following statement on Monday:

"Ford has not spoken with Mr. Trump, nor have we made any changes to our plans. We decided to move the F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks to Ohio Assembly in 2011, long before any candidates announced their intention to run for U.S. president. We are proud that Ford has invested $10.2 billion in our U.S. plants since 2011 and hired nearly 25,000 U.S. employees. Overall, more than 80 percent of our North American investment annually is in the U.S., and 97 percent of our North American engineering is conducted in the U.S."

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