Jindal tears into GOP 'surrender caucus'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal lit into Republicans for their inability to fight for conservative principles and becoming a "surrender caucus" Monday.

During the Your Choice, Your Voice Teleforum with the Washington Examiner, Jindal called out congressional Republicans for a lack of fight against the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood and President Barack Obama's executive amnesty from last year.

"This year, Mitch McConnell has already given up when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood and stopping the bad Iran deal. You know, if the Republican Party can't stand for innocent human life, what good is the Republican Party?" Jindal asked.

"When it comes to this Iran deal, I think that, you know, what happened, the Iranians conned President Obama, and he conned the Senate Republicans. They never should have passed this Corker bill," Jindal said. "We're now, instead of a 2/3 vote to approve the deal, it takes a 2/3 vote to reject the deal. Every Senate Republican except for Sen. [Tom] Cotton voted for that bad deal, including all these guys running for president like [Ted] Cruz, and [Marco] Rubio, and [Lindsey] Graham and [Rand] Paul."

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