GOP Rep And Iraq Vet: Trump Has ‘A Complete Lack Of Understanding Of Foreign Policy’

'The Trump Doctrine Is Very Simple -- It's Strength' (screenshot: CNN)

'The Trump Doctrine Is Very Simple -- It's Strength' (screenshot: CNN)

Republican Rep. and Iraq War veteran Steve Russell says DonaldTrump “demonstrates a complete lack of the facts and acomplete lack of understanding of foreign policy” suggestingthat Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein.

Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapperon Monday, Russell argued, “Regardless of what people thinkabout the Iraq War, human rights advocates worldwide believed thatthe one silver lining that came out of the war was the demise ofSaddam Hussein.”

Russell argued that the world would not be better off if Husseinwas still in power explaining, “350,000 Kurds and Arab Shiasmurdered by Saddam Hussein. Entire villages gassed. Heattacked every neighboring country exceptBa’athist Syria.”

“The Marsh Arabs went from a population of 250,000 down to30,000,” said Russell. Hussein “killed 20,000 of hisown Sunni Arab political opponents, murdered his own son-in-law. Imean, are we kidding? This just demonstrates a complete lack of thefacts and a complete lack of understanding of foreignpolicy.”

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