WATCH: Rubio explains his policies matter more than his age

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio released a new video Saturday tackling two of the biggest points of criticism his opponents have against him: his age and inexperience.

The 44-year-old freshman senator from Florida has often been compared to President Obama who initially ran for the president in 2008 as a first-term senator from Illinois. Though he acknowledges his potential path to the presidency might look the same as Obama's, Rubio says the two couldn't differ more on policy.

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"People say Obama is a failed president because he was a one-term senator," Rubio said in a video posted to his Facebook page Saturday. "But I say, he's not a failed president because he was young, articulate, or even because he was a senator."

The Florida senator continued, "He's failed as a president because of the big government liberal ideas he has — they don't work. They never have, and they never will."

Rubio is third in both the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings and the GOP presidential field, according to RealClearPolitics' polling average. He is spending the weekend currently courting voters in the early primary state of South Carolina.

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