Cruz: 'One liberal justice' away from no guns


Ted Cruz didn't mince words in Iowa Friday, predicting the U.S. is one liberal justice away from a reinterpretation of the Second Amendment, the demolition of veterans' memorials and Americans being subject to international criminal courts.

"One more liberal justice and our right to keep and bear arms is taken away from us by an activist court," Cruz said. "One more liberal justice and they begin sandblasting and bulldozing veterans memorials throughout this country. One more liberal justice and we lose our sovereignty to the United Nations and the World Court."

Campaigning in Iowa, Cruz laid into the current status of the nation's highest court, even calling for the justices to be popularly elected, the Des Moines Register reports.

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Cruz, a former Supreme Court clerk, has advocated for so-called "retention elections" before. Instead of life tenure, Cruz thinks justices should be subject to periodic elections in order to stay on the court.

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