Sorry boss, you can't be my Facebook friend

Should your employer be able to browse through your messages on social media, either on the job or as part of the interview process?

Florida may become the latest state to say they should not. Under SB 186, passed in a bipartisan vote by the state's Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee this month, employers would no longer have a right to ask for login credentials for their employees' social media accounts.

"People have the right to privacy, and they have a right to not be put under pressure in a job interview to disclose things that maybe they wouldn't want to disclose and that really has no relation to their ability to do a job," said chief author Sen. Jeff Clemens, a Democrat from Lake Worth, according to the CBS affiliate in Miami.

"Even in a high-tech world, there should be an opportunity to express honest opinions between friends and family without it affecting your future or present career," committee chairwoman Sen. Nancy Detert, a Republican from Venice, told the Washington Examiner.

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