D.C. court could pose problems for Paris climate talks


A federal appeals court in Washington could spell trouble for President Obama's climate change agenda, as it reviews a request by a coalition of states and business groups looking to halt controversial climate change rules ahead of a major climate change conference in Paris.

The rules in question, called the Clean Power Plan, were published in the Federal Register Friday after months of delay, triggering multiple lawsuits in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The rules were finalized Aug. 3.

Industry officials say the delay in publishing the rules in Friday's Federal Register was part of a stalling tactic by the Obama administration to ensure a court stay would not interfere with the president's plans for a successful climate change deal in Paris in December. The Clean Power Plan provides the basis for the U.S.'s obligations on greehouse gas emissions cuts when countries begin meeting at the end of November to hash out a climate deal.

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