Carson: I'm in 'great danger' thanks to 'secular progressive' Left

Secret Service protection can't come soon enough for Ben Carson, who believes he is "great danger" because he challenges the "secular progressive" Left.

In an interview with WABC radio's Rita Cosby Thursday, Carson acknowledged to the host that he has requested extra security measures, telling the host that he is seen as an "existential threat" to that faction of the electorate. The clip was first flagged by BuzzFeed.

"I'd prefer not to talk about security issues but I have recognized — and people have been telling me for many many months that I'm in great danger, because I challenge the secular progressive movement to the very core," Carson told WABC radio's "Rita Cosby Show" on Thursday. "You know, they see me as an existential threat and I know that. But I also believe in the good lord and we take reasonable precautions."

"I believe the threats are serious," Carson said when asked about the nature of the threats he's received. "[The Secret Service] wouldn't even be considering this if the threats were not serious."

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