Bush: I'm cutting back to go 'lean and mean'

strong>VIRGNIA BEACH, Va. — Jeb Bush responded to news that his presidential campaign was making substantial financial cuts by emphasizing that he was going "lean and mean."

"This means lean and mean and I have the ability to adapt," Bush said in response to a question about his downsizing at Regent University on Friday. "And the circumstances when we started the election were different. I have not met a person that thought Donald Trump would be a front-running candidate at this point. God bless him."

Bush also renewed his attacks on Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

"We have the front-running candidate who says, 'Look, when I'm elected president, the first day, Syrian refugees will be sent back to Syria.' Is that the America that embraces the value of our greatness? No it isn't," Bush told the crowd. "America at its best defends the persecuted, defends people who were acting on their faith no matter where they are. Both in our country and outside. But for us, who?"

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Bush chose not to speak from behind a podium during his speech and struck an aggressive tone before a packed auditorium that included former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

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