No bombshells in new batch of WikiLeaks emails

Two more documents and a list of email addresses from CIA Director John Brennan's personal email account were released by WikiLeaks on Thursday.

The documents, which were dated Nov. 7, 2008, pertained to U.S. policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. One was presumably authored by Brennan; the other was authored by Louis Tucker, then the minority staff director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and directed at former Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., who served as vice chair of the committee.

Neither document was classified, though they were private. They also contained nothing revelatory, generally speaking to the need for a comprehensive regional strategy that included Pakistan in order to stabilize Afghanistan and eliminate the Taliban.

"The USG [U.S. government] must develop and coalesce around a comprehensive regional strategy designed to meet a set of clearly defined goals for the Afghanistan Pakistan region," Tucker wrote in his memo.

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