'The Hunting Ground' predicted for Oscar nomination

The campus sexual assault propaganda film "The Hunting Ground" will be in the running for an Oscar, according to predictions from Variety editor Kristopher Tapley.

Tapley's "educated guesses" as to which films are in contention for a nomination or win include the film in the "Best Documentary" category. Tapley doesn't suggest it should win an Oscar, he is merely predicting "where the red carpet will lead this year."

Tapley places "The Hunting Ground" as the third front-runner for the award, behind "The Look of Silence," about the 1960s Indonesian genocide and "Amy," a documentary about the life and death of singer Amy Winehouse.

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But "The Hunting Ground" is not a documentary about a horrific epidemic of violence across the U.S., it is a propaganda film based on false statistics and inaccurate accounts of accusers. The film relies heavily on the claim that 1-in-5 women will be sexually assaulted in college, a statistic that has been debunked time and time again as the result of biased and flawed studies.

It also relies on the "expertise" of researcher David Lisak, whose own study claiming that campuses are hotbeds for serial rapists was debunked just a couple months ago. Lisak's study, which has been used to legitimize eviscerating due process rights for accused students, wasn't even about sexual assaults that occur on campus.

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