WSJ: Paul Ryan pick will undo Ted Cruz

The conservative Wall Street Journal is supporting Rep. Paul Ryan to replace John Boehner as House Speaker, but only if the confrontation-hungry faction of the GOP will get behind him, too.

And the Journal is predicting that if that happens, it would blow up Ted Cruz's campaign for president.

"[B]eyond Mr. Ryan's control is that some on the right want the GOP Congress to fail because it serves their political or commercial interests," the Journal's editorial board wrote Tuesday. "The clearest example is Ted Cruz, the Texas senator whose campaign for the White House, and especially his strategy to win the Iowa caucuses, is premised on attacking the GOP Congress. If Republicans unite behind Mr. Ryan, Mr. Cruz loses his main political foil."

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After some hesitation, Ryan announced Tuesday night that he would run to replace Boehner if he could get full support from House Republicans, who often part ways when it comes to strategic decisions on passing legislation.

The Journal has been critical of Cruz and his labeling of some congressional Republicans as "squishes" for choosing compromise over confrontation with Democrats.

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