I visited all 91 D.C. Metrorail stops in one day. Here's what I saw.

Usually when people spend most of an entire day travelling, they end up somewhere amazing: Europe, Florida, even Hawaii. Monday, I travelled for 10 hours and ended up right where I started: A dank Washington, D.C., area metro station.

I set out to ride Metrorail to all 91 stations in one day. The idea sparked when I read about Jody Avirgan, a podcast host and producer for FiveThirtyEight, who rode the New York City subway for almost 14 hours on one September day.

Along the way, I planned to document all of Metro's defects. Delays, breakdowns and communication failures were all targets.

The journey began at 7:20 a.m., at Court House metro station just outside the District in Northern Virginia. I rode west out to Vienna, then to Wiehle-Reston East. Heading back toward downtown during morning rush hour, I began encountering my first delays. One minute at Greensboro, a minute and a half at Clarendon, nine minutes back at Court House. The Court House delay was my longest of the day, with little to no communication from the operator about how long the delay would last.

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