Biden: Businesses critical in climate change fight


Vice President Joe Biden lauded business leaders for deciding to tackle climate change and urged them to do whatever they could to make sure the issue gets the attention he feels it deserves.

During a 30-minute speech at the end of the President's Climate Summit, a day of discussion and pledges from business leaders to cut their carbon emissions and increase their use of renewable energy, Biden said U.S. business leaders are the most indispensable partner in working to combat climate change. The government needs to work with businesses to encourage more clean energy use, he said.

For Biden, who often emphasizes his connection with America's coal country, that means helping those working in the fossil fuel industry. Many scientists blame the burning of fossil fuels for releasing greenhouse gases, causing global temperatures to rise.

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"There will be people who get hurt. There will be industries that get hurt," he said. "And, it matters, and we have an obligation to help them transition."

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