A look at the GOP field

One has to be careful when judging another's political gifts.

Stanley Baldwin was three times the Prime Minister of Great Britain, but was among the appeasers of Hitler, had the great misfortune of being a political rival of Winston Churchill -- and even worse, of having thought himself Churchill's better.

"When Winston was born, lots of fairies swooped down on his cradle with gifts -- imagination, eloquence, industry and ability." Baldwin said of Churchill. "Then came a fairy who said, 'No person has a right to so many gifts', picked him and gave him such a shake and twist that with all these gifts he was denied judgment and wisdom."

Now from a great distance of 70 years, we see Baldwin as a small minded man, and Churchill as one of the greatest to have ever lived. (A terrific new book about Churchill, Churchill's Trial, by Hillsdale College president Dr. Larry Arnn just appeared in bookstores and online this week.)

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