Report: Government to require drone registration

The federal government plans to announce a plan to have all drones purchased in the United States registered with the Transportation Department, according to a report by NBC News.

Expected for Monday, the announcement comes at a time when the popularity of drones has skyrocketed, while regulation has remained in limbo.

A report released in July by the Consumer Electronics Association estimates that the number of drones sold in the U.S. market will approach 700,000 units in 2015. More recently, Aviation Week reported that an FAA official said he expects more that 1 million small unmanned aerial vehicles to be sold this holiday season.

The Federal Aviation Administration has set some ground rules for the operation of recreational drones. They are forbidden from flying within five miles of airports or above 400 feet, but keeping track of all the devices has proven difficult as the remote-controlled aircraft become increasingly popular with the public.

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