Dem lawmaker: Obama's Afghanistan plan must be more than just troop numbers

A Democratic war veteran said Saturday that the president must worry about more than just troop numbers when talking about a future plan for Afghanistan.

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., who served four tours in Iraq as a Marine infantry officer before running for Congress, said the administration has to be talking about a political solution to ensure Afghanistan doesn't descend into chaos when U.S. troops do finally leave.

"The president made the right decision to extend the stay of the troops, but we've go to hear about the political plan as well because that's what ultimately will lead to success and ensure that once the troops do come home they never have to come back," Moulton said on CNN.

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Moulton said he was "concerned" that President Obama's announcement this week that 9,800 U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan for most of 2016 only talked about military presence, not a political solution for the Afghan government.

"We've got to talk about a long-term political solution to ensure the success of the Afghan government because what ultimately happened in Iraq is the Iraqi government fell apart," he said. "That political vacuum is really the enemy to peace in the Middle East."

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