Surgery, chemotherapy infections ripe for superbugs

Infections after chemotherapy and surgery are particularly resistant to antibiotics, according to new findings that point to the impact of the growing public health issue.

The new findings could complicate the safety and effectiveness of the widespread cancer treatment and surgery procedures. The finding comes as Congress is considering new legislation to get new antibiotics approved much faster.

A study published Thursday in the medical journal Lancet looked at the increase of antibiotic resistance in infections from the 10 most common surgical procedures. It also looked at immunosuppressing cancer chemotherapies that use the antibiotic prophylaxis.

Researchers looked at scientific literature to determine the percentage of pathogens causing infections that are resistant to the standard antibiotics used to treat them.

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They found that up to 50 percent of the pathogens causing surgical infections and 26 percent of pathogens causing chemotherapy infections are resistant.

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