Stephen Fincher, who last week teamed up with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters in a push to revive a defunct subsidy agency, has released his third-quarter fundraising figures.

As in previous quarters, Fincher raised almost all of his money from corporate PACs, and more money from DC-area lobbyist-types than from his home state of Tennessee.

Most Republicans in the Senate and probably most Republicans in the House want the Export-Import Bank to stay dead. So do the majority leaders in both chambers, and the relevant committee chairmen in both chambers. Fincher, a minority of Republicans, and the Obama White House want to revive Ex-Im. Fincher last week filed a "discharge petition" to force the bill to the floor, and senior Financial Services Committee Democrat Maxine Waters was the 218th signature, pushing the petition over the top.

I noted in a column earlier this month that Fincher, who ran against bailouts and special interests has changed since coming to Washington. His latest campaign finance figures help explain this change.