Joe Biden calls 'yes means yes' consent policies 'tricky'

Vice President Joe Biden has called current campus consent policies "tricky," but is apparently still just fine with using them to brand students as rapists.

Biden, speaking at a Domestic Violence Awareness Month roundtable on Thursday, said that current "yes-means-yes" — or affirmative consent — policies can be "tricky," despite his continuous insistence that schools do more to curb an alleged epidemic of campus sexual assault.

"The cultural norms make it still kind of hard to say, 'Yes, I'd like you to kiss me,' or 'Yes, I'd like you to do that,'" Biden said, according to veteran journalist and Washington Editor for PJ Media Bridget Johnson. "So it's still tricky."

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Biden seems to be acknowledging just how unrealistic yes-means-yes policies are, yet the Obama administration is doing nothing to halt their spread. Biden is the second person in recent days to be confused by the policy his administration's hysterical claims have created. In San Francisco, a woman who writes the lesson plans for teaching yes-means-yes policies couldn't definitively tell students how the policies work.

If two people who are immersed in the creation and implementation of these policies can't figure them out, how are college kids supposed to navigate them?

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