Why are there so many rogue abortionists?

WXYZ.com in Detroit reported Tuesday that the home of Michael Roth, a West Bloomfield abortionist, was raided by police after they found evidence that he had been performing illegal abortions.

Two weeks ago, Roth's car was impounded after he was involved in a car crash in which a young child was critically injured. Police found 14 containers that might contain human tissue, possibly fetal body parts, in his car. The car also contained sedatives and medical equipment commonly used in abortions. Roth is now under investigation by the Michigan attorney general. He is suspected of performing illegal abortions — in his home or at the homes of customers.

Roth has been involved in several malpractice lawsuits related to botched abortions. In 2012, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs disciplined him for practices that were "below standards of care" including violating Michigan's 24-hour waiting period and performing at-home abortions.

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This is hardly the first time an abortionist has been arrested for misbehavior. There are plenty of examples of abortionists accused of raping patients, convicted of killing women and infanticide, dispensing illegal drugs and numerous other crimes.

Why does the abortion industry attract such incompetent and unethical people? Some doctors who specialize in abortion are driven by a sincere (if misguided) devotion to women's health. But others do it for the money or because they can't practice any other type of medicine.

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