New EPA climate rules target your air conditioning

The Obama administration announced its latest attempt to combat global warming on Thursday by placing new restrictions on the chemicals that everyone uses to keep things cool.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced new measures to handle and dispose of hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, which are considered a potent greenhouse gas used in refrigeration and air conditioning. The agency also said it will begin steps to ban the most potent HFCs beginning next year.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said the new efforts would help achieve the goals laid out by President Obama's climate change agenda.

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McCarthy said the administration has the support of the industry to "transition" to new "climate-friendly refrigerants, and deploy advanced refrigeration technologies."

"EPA's regulatory actions and innovations emerging from the private sector have put our country on track to significantly cut ... use [of these harmful chemicals] and deliver on the goals of the president's Climate Action Plan," McCarthy said.

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