Tulsi Gabbard's rebellion

Let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas. The biggest fireworks produced by the first Democratic debate erupted not on the stage but in dueling media interviews by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii.

While Hillary Clinton's foes barely laid a glove on her, Gabbard, a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, mixed it up with the DNC's chairwoman. Gabbard said there were too few Democratic debates, got disinvited from the Las Vegas event and engaged in a war of words with Wasserman Schultz.

"The issue here is not about me saying boo-hoo, I'm going to miss the party," Gabbard told CNN, the network that hosted the first Democratic debate. "The issue is one of democracy and of freedom of speech."

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When Wasserman Schultz disputed Gabbard's account and chastised her for detracting attention from the presidential candidates, the Hawaii congresswoman basically said the DNC chief was lying. It was like Ted Cruz versus Mitch McConnell all over again. Wasserman Schultz didn't back down

Gabbard wasn't the first Democrat to suggest the party and even its presidential front-runner could benefit from the additional exposure that extra debates could provide, though after Tuesday's snoozefest she could be the last for a while. It's also not the first time Gabbard, a surfing enthusiast, has made waves inside the party.

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