Trump: 'Maybe Dems told CNN to go easy on their candidates'

Unimpressed with CNN's line of questioning during the first Democratic debate, Donald Trump said Wednesday it is "very possible" the Democratic Party advised the network to go easy on the left-leaning candidates.

The outspoken billionaire criticized the four candidates who appeared on stage alongside Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for refusing to attack the former secretary of state on her email scandal or newly-adopted positions on certain issues, and said the moderators entirely failed to push the White House hopefuls on veterans issues.

"[Sanders] gave up one of the biggest points — her emails. And it almost looked like maybe he doesn't want to win because that was a very powerful thing to give up so easily," Trump said, referring to a standout moment in Tuesday's debate when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said "enough" about Clinton's emails.

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"There were a lot of things to go after, but nobody went after her last night," Trump said, adding, "I think the Democrats are protecting her."

"I will say, CNN did not hit them like they did us," he told O'Reilly later on in the segment.

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