Rubio: Dems 'more liberal today' than any time since Dukakis

Marco Rubio took a swing at the Democratic Party a day after their first debate in Las Vegas.

During a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Wednesday afternoon, Rubio admitted that he watched "snippets" of the debate, but saw enough to see that the Democratic Party is more liberal than it has been since Michael Dukakis ran against George H.W. Bush in 1988.

The 2016 hopeful was speaking on the need for the U.S. to be "globally competitive," a challenge he says the Democrats aren't up to.

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"The first thing we're going to have to do is become globally competitive again economically because we live in a global economy, and it is an economy dramatically different, as I said earlier than the one we had not so long ago," Rubio said. "This will require us to turn the page on leaders and on ideas that no longer work, and instead embrace ideas and leaders relevant to the 21st century. What does globally competitive mean? It begins by having leaders that understand that government doesn't grow the economy — the private sector grows the economy."

"You wouldn't know that by watching the debate last night," Rubio told the New Hampshire audience. "I only caught snippets of it, but I caught enough of it to know that the Democratic Party is more liberal today than it's been since Michael Dukakis — maybe even before that."

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