Press abandons Biden after first Dem debate

Before the first Democratic presidential primary debate, the most discussed factor in political media circles was whether Vice President Joe Biden would disrupt the race by declaring a third run for the White House.

But once the dust from the debate settled, and with no sign of Biden despite several invitations from CNN, many national journalists were impressed with front-runner Hillary Clinton's performance on stage and began walking away from the Biden buzz.

"Does Clinton's debate win take the air out of Biden's balloon?" said a Washington Post headline on Wednesday. The story went on to name several Democratic operatives and elected officials who believed Clinton won the debate but none would say what it meant for a potential Biden candidacy.

Mike Allen of Politico said Wednesday in his widely circulated "Playbook" tip sheet, "Vice President Biden waited too long [to get in the race]. After Secretary Clinton's deft performance in Vegas, it makes it much harder for him to pop up in a day, or a week or two, and say: 'Wait! What about ME?'"

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