No room for Biden, Dems say

strong>LAS VEGAS — As Vice President Joe Biden contemplates a run for the Democratic nomination, supporters of other candidates cautioned him not to enter the race, saying there's not enough room in the race for the vice president.

Hillary Clinton had a strong performance and Bernie Sanders largely fell flat during the first Democratic debate Tuesday night, and both have been campaigning since April. If Biden were to enter the race he'd likely pull support from Clinton, but at present he only polls at roughly 20 percent of the vote.

With state filing deadlines coming as soon as Nov. 6, Biden will have to announce sooner rather than later. But as the leading candidates gain strength, momentum and funds, the opening for Biden shrinks.

"Everyday that goes by, [Clinton] keeps getting stronger and it makes it harder for him to get in the race," Clinton supporter Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., said in the spin room after the debate. "And not only will she gain in popularity tonight because of her performance, she also has a really strong ground game here in Nevada … That's something that [Biden] doesn't have right now."

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