Trump says his campaign is a 'great tribute to business'

Donald Trump described his standing in the Republican presidential field Tuesday as a "great tribute to business."

Having maintained his front-runner status for nearly three consecutive months while spending virtually no money on campaign advertising, the savvy businessman says he is the perfect model of how a successful business should be run.

"It's sort of a great tribute to business," Trump, who leads the Washington Examiner's presidential power rankings, told Fox News' Neil Cavuto Tuesday afternoon. "I mean, I've spent the least money and I have the best poll numbers."

Trump is currently running the leanest campaign of any major candidate in both the Republican and Democratic fields. Though a spokeswoman for Trump's campaign refused to confirm the candidate's total expenditures to the Examiner, several outlets reported last week that the self-funded billionaire has spent a mere $2 million since launching his White House bid in mid-June.

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