Ted Cruz raises $1 million in first nine days of 4th quarter

Sen. Ted Cruz raised $1 million in the first nine days of the fourth quarter, according to his presidential campaign. The number shows that his fundraising operation appears to have thus far outpaced the previous quarter's results and has momentum.

"It certainly shows what kind of incredible support and enthusiasm we have for our campaign," said campaign manager Jeff Roe in a statement touting the October fundraising numbers. "But more than that, we have made the right investments in our fundraising infrastructure that ensures a sustained ability to raise the resources we need to be competitive in the early states and beyond."

Cruz raised $12.2 million during the three month period ending Sept. 30, which the senator announced last week. But he raised $1 million in the last day of the third quarter, and another $1 million came from the first 48 hours after September's GOP presidential debate. Cruz's October start indicates the senator has begun the fourth quarter by collecting cash at a slightly faster pace.

The $1 million raised in nine days came from 20,000 donations of "mostly $50 or less," according to the campaign. Cruz has long touted that he has raised the most "hard money" — dollars donated to his campaign and not by outside super PACs — of any candidate running. Cruz, who ranks fifth in the Washington Examiner's GOP presidential power rankings, finishes sixth in RealClearPolitics' average of national polls.

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