Donald Trump, No Labels hero

The No Labels political movement started back in 2010 with an all-day rally at Columbia University in New York City. Even though the point was to advocate a politics-free of partisan rhetoric and posturing, the event had a Democrat-ish feel, from its location in one of the bluest areas of the country to its John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama iconography to its opening speaker, who began, "Welcome to our little Woodstock of democracy."

Five years later, No Labels is still at it, run by two former politicians, former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman and former Republican Gov. (and Obama ambassador) Jon Huntsman. It's been a long haul; if reducing the level of partisanship in national politics is the goal, it's fair to say they haven't made much progress.

But on Monday in New Hampshire, No Labels may have found an ideal candidate: Donald Trump.

Speaking at the group's "Problem Solver Convention" in Manchester, Trump started with kind words for his hosts. "No Labels — I'm a believer," he said. "We all know that's where we have to go in this country, because we're getting nothing done whatsoever."

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